Sandyford Services Update

Sandyford telephone issues

We apologise if you have had any difficulties trying to reach Sandyford services via our main telephone line 0141 211 8130.   We are having some technical issues which we hope to have resolved as soon as possible. Please keep trying, we are working through our calls as quickly as we can.


Find a Venue

Find a Venue

You are viewing public access venues

You can use the Free Condoms Service at any of the venues found in the public locations search below:-

You are viewing limited access venues

Free Condoms may also be obtained from the following :

  • GP practices (please note you have to be a registered patient)
  • Colleges & universities (for students - contact directly for availability times)
  • Bars and Clubs (during their usual opening hours)
  • Housing services (during their usual opening hours)
  • Organisations providing a specific service e.g. Addiction services, employability services, vocational/training. 

You can only use the Free Condoms Service in these organisations if you are a patient or service user.  Just click on the limited access button to find out who they are.