Sandyford Closures

Information about Sandyford clinics closed in April 2018 is available on our Service Updates page





Posters are available in A4 size and contain a blank space allowing distributors to add their own information e.g. 'ask at reception'.

Product Key

The Product Key describes the sticker colour and code on each pack together with the brand name of the product and its corresponding name on the condom 'choice card'.  It may be helpful to copy this page and keep with condom stock for ease of reference

Choice Cards

Choice cards are of similar size as business cards and are supplied in a plastic box which doubles as a display container.  The cards allow service users to tick the type of condoms they require and hand to the distributor.  The product description on the choice card corresponds to the coloured label on the condom pack. 


Pens are available in green, orange and purple and display the Free Condoms website address.  

Window Stickers

Free Condoms window stickers are a great way to advertise the service if space for posters is limited.  Just place one on your door and window to let people know Free Condoms are available at your venue.